Large Black Bird Cage


Large Black Bird Cage


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Stunning large black birdcage for medium and large birds. Your feathery friends will have the perfect home with this spacious bird cage. It’s the ideal size for Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Parakeets, and other medium-to-large-sized birds.

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Large Black Bird Cage   

  • Perfect for medium-to-large-sized birds
  • Safe and sturdy metal construction
  • Spacious design for less restriction
  • Includes top play area with a ladder, feeding bowls, and a perch
  • 3 feeder doors with locks for easy feeding
  • Slide-out tray makes cleaning easy for a hygienic home
  • Portable with rolling wheels
  • Weight: 50 lbs.
  • Overall Dimensions: 31.5"(L) x 29.5"(W) x 68"(H)


7 reviews for Large Black Bird Cage

  1. Chrissy

    Sunshine and Rainbow love it. Lots of room for my birds and their toys. Recommend

  2. Stanely

    I love it ! Well made and designed and looks good! Arrived quickly in a well packed box. Quality item!

  3. Marie

    I purchased one of these for my Cherry headed Conure, she loves it! Ordered a second one for my 2 cockatiels and they are very happy! Great size, powder coated.

  4. Dave

    This is the 2nd cage we have bought & we are very happy with it. It works well for our Cockatiels & for our Lovebird. You do have to pay close attention when putting it together but it really isn’t that difficult.

  5. Kirk

    We got this cage for our African Grey and I think it’s a wonderful size for him! He’s happy and comfortable in his new home, and he was enjoying his playset! He hasn’t figured out how to get on and off of it by himself. The lock is secure, which he could open our old one.

  6. Rhonda

    Yes this cage is very comfortable and spacious , easy to clean . The bird has enough space and it’s a very safe cage . I loved Recommend

  7. Tracy

    I love it and so does my cockatiel.

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