Freestanding Victorian Birdhouse


Freestanding Victorian Birdhouse

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Gorgeous freestanding Victorian Birdhouse. High Quality

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Freestanding Victorian Birdhouse   

  • Birdhouse, Wooden Outdoor Finch Chickadee Freestanding Victorian Birdhouse
    Lovely little luxury villa for feathered flyers overflows with old-world charm! sturdy freestanding pole and base included.
  • Cute wooden birdhouse standing outdoor spacious enough for the birds to be comfortable, holes and slits on the roof of the house for fresh air to enter in
  • Easy access for cleaning and monitoring, perfect for wrens, finches, chickadees hummingbird sparrow, and nuthatches to nest with drainage and superior ventilation
  • Birdhouses are crucial to the survival of birds, providing them with a place to rest and raise their young. excellent gift for kids to cultivate their love for ...
  • Weight 3.2 pounds and dimensions are 9.38" x 8.38" x 29.2". made from fir plywood, it provides insulation from the heat and cold.



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