Dog Cleaning Shower Hose Head Spray


Dog Cleaning Shower Hose Head Spray


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Dog cleaning shower hose head spray works great. For quick hair wash, pet wash, etc. It can be used to connect to the faucet to wash. Material: plastic-rubber-silicone. Convenient and flexible for use. High Quality

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Dog Cleaning Shower Hose Head Spray       

  • Material: Plastic + Rubber + Silicone
  • Hose Length:  1.1 m/ 43.31"
  • Total Length: 1.3 m/ 51.18"
  • For quick hair wash, pet wash, etc
  • 1.1 m length tube, convenient and flexible to use
  • Can be used to connect the faucet to wash
  • Suitable for most standard basin taps

19 reviews for Dog Cleaning Shower Hose Head Spray

  1. Joe

    Highly Recommended! 5 Stars ! Top Seller !Thanks! A+

  2. Clarence

    Arrive quickly, perfectly packaged, contact with the perfect seller, everything is OK!

  3. Hank

    loved. fits into any tap and the hose is well made

  4. Karen

    Good quality . Easy to use. I Recommend 100 %

  5. Wayne

    very good!! Quality

  6. Emily

    Handy, works great

  7. Rhoda

    Hose could be a little longer, but works great.

  8. Linda

    Makes rinsing my dog much easier. I now get all the soap out. Thanks Recommend

  9. Luke

    Very good and adaptable.

  10. Kenny

    Very good and adaptable.

  11. Debra

    Got this for my husband for when he dyes hair. Works great.

  12. Cindy

    very good dog shower hose. Recommend 🙂

  13. Celia

    I love this. It was so hard to find one that would fit my kitchen faucet. Could not even find in Walmart stores, but I found it online. Thanks……

  14. Andrea

    It was a perfect fit! Worked great.:)

  15. Byron

    Love love love this- fits all of my faucets! Thank you 🙂 Delivery was fast-bonus!

  16. Yolanda

    Fits my needs to a tee. Excellent for shampooing dyed hair over my laundry sink. The delivery time was fast.

  17. Calvin

    This sprayer is perfect. There is no installation required. Very flexible and easy to use.

  18. Paul

    Fits really well and it fits tight, no leaks 👍

  19. bEN

    This hose is not really long which made it easier to bath my small dog in a stationary tub. It was easy to connect and use. Nice stream of spray.

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