Cast Iron Cat Yoga Paper Towel Holder


Cast Iron Cat Yoga Paper Towel Holder

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Cast iron cat yoga paper towel holder is perfect for any home. This clever little cast iron Cat will conveniently hold your rolls of paper towels or toilet paper as well as your rings, bracelets, and necklaces. High Quality

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Cast Iron Cat Yoga Paper Towel Holder

Purr-fection is at your fingertips with one of the cutest animal statues we've ever seen! A helpful feline won't seem like an oxymoron once you pile up to 3 rolls of toilet paper or a roll of paper towels on the upturned tail of this adorable cast iron cat statue! While other cat statues collect dust, this substantial cast iron statue is a decorative, functional and fun kitty statue with a distinguished bronze finish meant for cat lovers and anyone who can appreciate a good animal statue. Our stretching kitty makes a great gift as yard art or outdoor garden decor too! Paper towel not included.
Size: 8"Wx3"Dx18"H. 4 lbs.


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