Stars Moon Table Night Light


Stars Moon Table Night Light

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Romantic stars moon table night light.  Kids love this star moon table lamp in their bedroom. Makes a great gift.  High Quality

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Stars Moon Table Night Light


  • 1. 6 big functions: light projection, colorful conversion, high-quality motor, USB/battery power supply, silent rotation, table lamp/night light.
  • 2. Conversion of the night light and table lamp: Open the cover and remove the black starlight cover is the table lamp.
  • 3. Rotatable: 360° dynamic projection rotation with built-in rotary bearing.
  • 4. Romantic and warm: release the stars, double-color light, you can manually adjust a variety of color light, seven romantic stars.
  • 5. Applicable scenes: home places, corridors, leisure and entertainment places, exhibition halls, corridors, hotel lobby, hotel rooms.

Color: Blue|Purple|Pink|Black|White|Yellow

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Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow, White, Black


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