Pool Inflatable Chair Float


Pool Inflatable Chair Float

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Top of the line pool inflatable chair float.  This pool float’s supportive backrest makes it easy to stay afloat and provides support beyond what you’re used to from your standard floating chair. Its nylon fabric that covers the entire chair prevents punctures and leaks that you are also used to with your typical chair float. This U-Seat’s dual cup holders will also keep even the thirstiest of swimmers hydrated with fewer trips to the cooler on the sidelines.  Superior Quality

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Pool Inflatable Chair Float

Fabric Covered U-Seat Inflatable Pool Chair
Color: Black and Blue
Material: Nylon, Vinyl
Dual Cup Holders
Supportive Backrest
Nylon covered fabric to extend life and prevent standard wear and tear
Size:  16.5"H x 27"W x 28"D


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