Pool Hammock Recliner

Pool Hammock Recliner


Inflatable pool hammock recliner. Relax in your pool with this pool hammock recliner. High Quality

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Pool Hammock Recliner

1. Made of high-quality PVC and nylon mesh materials for durability.
2. Convert to hammocks, loungers, drifters, and sport saddles.
3. Comfortable cool fabric that can be easily contoured according to your floating needs.
4. Use the locking inflation system to easily inflate or deflate the pillow for easy carrying.

Type: Pool Hammock
Material: PVC nylon mesh
Size: 120 cm x 80 cm
Film thickness: 0.25mm
Color: Fluorescent Green|Red|Blue|Orange|Rose Red|Royal Blue

Children are recommended to use under adult supervision.

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Fluorescent Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Rose Red, Royal Blue


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