Pet Sombrero Hat

Pet Sombrero Hat


Super great pet sombrero hat. Great for keeping the sun off your pets. Cats and dogs look awesome wearing this sombrero hat.
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Pet Sombrero Hat

1. Straw hats are woven with grass, which is simple but fashionable. Pets are stylish and attractive. In many occasions, such as parties, weddings, or when you intend to take a photo for your dogs, these hats are the best choice
2. There are bandages under the hats, which are not easy to fall off when pets run fast or play. You can adjust the suitable size for your dogs, please remember that do not make it too tight so as to make your dogs uncomfortable.
3. The hats are made of straw material, which has good air permeability and the smell of straw is non-toxic and harmless. So the item is not bad and harmful for your dogs and you can feel comfortable buying and use it.
4. Because of the strong sunshine, your dog may be hurt. This item can help you protect them. You can feel comfortable taking them to run in the field to release the pressure and strength the relationship between you and your dogs.
5. Please before you buy the product measures the size of your dogs and choose a suitable size.

Size:  Small Medium Large
Wide Diameter: 13 cm/5.12",16 cm/6.3",20 cm/7.87"
Inside Diameter: 6 cm/2.36",8 cm/3.15",10 cm/3.94"
Height: 3 cm/1.18",5 cm/1.97",5 cm/1.97"
Adjustable Range of Length: 10 cm/3.94"- 60 cm/23.62",10 cm/3.94"- 60 cm/23.62",10 cm/3.94"- 60 cm/23.62"

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