Pet L-Shaped Couch Bed


Pet L-Shaped Couch Bed


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Comfortable Pet L-Shaped Couch Bed. Great for cats and dogs. Dogs and cats love this couch bed which is very good for them. Easy to clean. High Quality

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Pet L-Shaped Couch Bed 

Pamper your pet with a Pet L-Shaped Couch Bed! A luxuriously soft faux fur sleep surface is complemented by stylish bolsters and gusset. Ultra plush faux fur provides a snuggly soft sleep surface. The L-shaped bolsters support your pet's back and hips, providing additional support. The L-shape also provides the perfect nook for pets that like to nest into comfort. The two raised, rounded bolster ends allow your pet to lay their paws or neck on the pillowed edge, helping to align the neck and spine.

Color: Desert Brown

Sizes and Dimensions: 

Medium: 30" x 20" x 6" (sleep surface: 26.5" x 16.5")
Large: 36" x 27" x 6.5" (sleep surface: 32" x 23")
Jumbo 40" x 32" x 8" (sleep surface: 35" x 27")

Orthopedic foam base to support joints and pressure points.
Two bolsters to make great pillows or comfy walls to snuggle against.
Zippered design with machine washable fabrics.
Soft plush sleep surface.

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Medium, Large, Jumbo

1 review for Pet L-Shaped Couch Bed

  1. Jeff

    Love my new couch bed for my German Shepherd. She likes it too. I got the jumbo, two sided couch type. Keeps her off my wall and we got the crate ortho which isn’t hot like memory foam. Perfect for us!

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