Cat Window Perch

Cat Window Perch


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Wonderful cat window perch as seen on tv.. Very comfortable for your cats. Safe strong and durable. Very strong suction which makes it safe for your cats.  High Quality.

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Cat Suction Window Mounted Bed Hammock

360° FREE OF DEAD CORNER SUNBATH - Basking in this cat window perch, your pet cat avoids moving again and again as long as the sun didn't go down. Well, it's also a space-saving cat bed, without taking up valuable space in your home, your cat can also enjoy a front view of nature while basking.
BREATHABLE OXFORD CLOTH CORD - Made of oxford cloth, the cat's body temperature won't overheat because of this cat bed cord's air permeability; in winter, add a mattress to this pet cat hammock, this window mounted cat bed will the best cozy cat bed.
SAFETY MOUNTED CAT BED - Industrial-strength suction cups hold up to an amazing 30 pounds. Your cat must jump in and jump out of this resting seat, which is another kind of exercise, keeping good health of your cat.
at window perch is leading the new style window mounted cat bed storm. It is time to say goodbye to the traditional cat bed.
It is well known that cats need take sunbathe, a couple of hours on sunny days. But, the sun keeps moving, cats also have to move. Well, the PETPAWJOY cat hammock is capable of solving this problem. Hanging on the window or other places by four suction cups, your cat can lay on this resting seat and enjoy the sunshine, so cozy.

As Seen On TV

MEASUREMENT-  22" x 12" x 1.5" ( L x W x H ); stainless steel cord length: 23"; suction cup diameter: 3.3"; strong enough to hold your cat up to 30lbs.

5 reviews for Cat Window Perch

  1. Kathy

    My cat Ginger loves her window seat,great quality thanks

  2. Issac

    suction cup good.

  3. Eric

    Big , the cats love it

  4. Bruce

    very comfortable,cat asleep on it now

  5. Rhonda

    My cat loves his window seat! We live on the 5th floor and he is ‘in the treetops’ now! I am going to get one for my bedroom window as well!

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