Cat Litter Box with Cover


Cat Litter Box with Cover


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Cat Litter Box with Cover, prevents litter and urine from being scattered all over. Equipped with deodorizer.

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Cat Litter Box with Cover

Color: Coffee.
Material: Plastic.
Size: 51x42x39cm.
- This product is equipped with a deodorizer to effectively filter odor.
- Built with strong and durable material to withstand continuous use.
- Prevents litter and urine being scattered out of the tray.
- Easy and convenient to use for potty training of your pets.
- Less time spent maintaining your cat's litter box means you can enjoy more quality moments together.

3 reviews for Cat Litter Box with Cover

  1. Cassandra

    no more mess thanks 🙂

  2. Julia

    Absolutely no litter spill. Great purchase.

  3. Stanley

    I was struggling with odor control for my kitty. This has SOLVED the issue. I continued using the same products with the new litter box and the odor has NOT been an issue anymore. I cannot say how pleased I am.

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