Cat Enclosed Litter Box


Cat Enclosed Litter Box

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Large  Enclosed Cat Litter Box.  Ideal for owners who want the benefits of litter scoop free maintenance combined with the odor control qualities of an enclosed pan. This durable Cat Litter Pan is suitable for different cat breeds and sizes.

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Sifting Enclosed cat litter pan
Removable door
Handle on top for easy lifting and carrying
Latches to keep top and bottom together
High-polished finish that’s odor and stain-resistant and easy to clean
Drip shield to help prevent any leaks between the top and bottom cat box

Size: (L x W x H)
19.00 x 15.00 x 13.00 Inches

Color: Beige

7 reviews for Cat Enclosed Litter Box

  1. Ben

    Best litter box ever !!! Highly Recommend

  2. Sammy

    We’ve been using this box for about six months now and it’s perfect. We adopted some more cats and had to order another. It’s so quick and easy to clean, I can clean both boxes in less than two minutes.

  3. Crystal

    I bought two of these. One for each cat. At first I was worried they wouldn’t use a covered litter box but so far they love them. Some people have complained about the flap but it is easily removed. I removed them on both boxes because my cats are a little on the large side and I thought it would be easier for them to get into the box without the flap. I use a clumping litter and have had absolutely no problems using it in these boxes. It sifts both urine and feces. They are very easy to use and to clean. One positive thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t have as much litter tracked outside the box as I did when I just used a regular litter pan. I’m not using nearly as much of it as I did before. They’re very sturdy and, like I said before, very easy to use and clean. Both of my boxes arrived in perfect condition.

  4. Cindy

    This litter box is well designed and very sturdy. There is even a double bin so that while you clean the one bin, the other bin is ready for use Very happy with my purchase

  5. Monica

    Love this kitty litter box! It works well and has a carry handle.

  6. Debbie

    I have quite a few cats and these are the best boxes by far. Recommend for any cat owner. 🙂

  7. Abby

    Love this. It keeps the litter inside better. Although first time in my kitty couldn’t figure how to get out …lol Recommend

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