Baby Soothing Owl Music and Night Light

Baby Soothing Owl Music and Night Light



Comforting your sweet baby has never been this easy with this adorable baby soothing plush owl music & night light. Super soft soothing owl is hand washable. Plus, it’s battery operated so you can take it anywhere, even while traveling in a car. Batteries and a screwdriver are also included with your purchase.
The songs include: Minuet, Brahms Lullaby, Are You Sleeping, Baa Baa Black sheep, Home Sweet Home, American Patrol, Mary has a Little Lamb, Oh My Darling, London Bridge is Falling Down, and Hush Little Baby. It also includes a natural bird song, and a heartbeat sound to calm and soothe your baby.
includes soft LED night lights that project stars onto your child’s wall or ceiling. The music and lights will automatically turn off after 30 minutes. You can also adjust the volume, and turn off the lights without interfering with the music. Easy to operate. Mothers and babies love it. High Quality

Shipping Included: 5-10 Days

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Plays Soothing music & sounds
Mesmerizings star projection
Turns lights and sound on or off
Adjustable strap secures in place
Easy to operate and clean


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